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Praise for

What they're saying about Defense Mechanisms:

“This is strong poetic work, with content that is important, very visual, and emotionally moving.”—Bill Newby, poet


“The poems in Defense Mechanisms are full of startling, vivid images...Goody provides sensitive observations of nature and the world around her.”

-Jan Henson Dow, Professor Emeritus of English, Western Connecticut State University


“Defense Mechanisms is extraordinary! Amazing stuff; so nuanced, so deep.

Goody’s perspectives on the world and its various residents—some human, others not—are nothing short of amazing. She has great gifts of perception, language, and emotion and profound knowledge of the human condition. I cheer—loudly and joyously—for her and her skills!”—Harvey Trabb, co-author of September 19


“This is a timely and impressive first book.”-Ona Gritz, The High Window 

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